Add Pics and Files

You may add multiple pictures and files to profiles. To do so, on the Manage page, click the down arrow next to the edit button for the child you wish to add pictures or files for. Then click on the Add/Edit Files link in the drop down menu.

On the following page you will see two buttons - one for adding pictures and the other for adding files. Click on the appropriate button and add your pictures or files by clicking in the box that appears or dragging files into that box.

There are some restrictions on the size and types of files you can upload so be sure to read the upload notes on the page.

If you are a Dropbox user you can also attach files from your Dropbox to a child's profile. This is a great option if you would like to attach files larger than is allowed or of a type other than those allowed.

After you have uploaded files you can then manage the permissions of the file in the Manage Documents section of the page. There are three options for the file permissions: Public, Private/Sponsor, Private. Public files may be downloaded and viewed by anyone viewing the child's profile on your website. Private/Sponsor makes the files only viewable by a sponsor who is logged in to their account. Private makes the files only viewable by admins logged in to the HYS admin.

On this page you can also manage the pictures you have uploaded. For a picture to display as the profile picture for a child you much click the link to make the picture a profile picture. If you upload a picture for a child and you don't see their profile picture on your website it is most like that you forgot to make the picture a profile picture. Sometimes when you upload a picture it will appear sideways even though it appears correctly on your computer. Your computer has software to be able to interpret a picture and display it right side up. We do not have that same capability so a picture taken with a camera held sideways will sometimes display sideways. To fix this click the blue button on the picture. This will rotate it 90 degrees. Continue to rotate the picture until it appears right side up.

Last updated 2013-07-23 18:43:07