Front End Setup

On a number of the website pages of your sponsorship site are regions where you can enter your own custom text. To add or edit this text go to Settings -> Front End Setup.

There are four pages that display these text regions. Each region has it’s own text editor. You can use plain text or add html for additional styling. There is a WYSIWYG editor above each text box to help you in styling your text.

Explanation of pages:

Sponsor’s Account Page Text: This text will display at the top of the page of the sponsor’s account. When a sponsor is logged in and viewing their account they will see this text. If you are using a third party payment platform this would be a good place to include a link to where payment can be set up or other program information.

Checkout Page Text: When a potential sponsor clicks on the Sponsor Today button they are taken to a page to review their selected sponsorships and set up their account. This text will display at the top of that page. 

Home Page Text: This text displays at the top of the main page that displays the grid of all available sponsorships (see example).

Profile Page Text: After clicking on a picture of one of the available sponsorships the potential sponsor is brought to the profile page. This is the detail page for what your are sponsoring (children, pastors, families, etc.). On every other page the text appears at the top of the page; however, on this page it appears at the bottom of the page below the profile.

Last updated 2013-04-17 00:48:56