General Setup

This is the default information about the sponsorship program.

The number of sponsors required to complete sponsorship sets the sponsors per child (or whatever you are sponsoring). In the case of child sponsorship, the child would remain available for sponsorship until this number is met. **This number can be overridden through a field set in the Edit Cause Form. See the Cause Form section for detailed instructions.

The default number to display on website sets the number of children (or whatever you are sponsoring) to display on your website. Because websites are all built with varying widths, adjusting this will help make your sponsorship program fit on your website. 

*Suggestion: Many times we have seen that it is very tempting to want to display as many children as possible on one page. The fear is that needy children on subsequent pages will not receive sponsorship. There are two best practices issues here: website design best practices and sponsorship program best practices. We will not attempt to address these issues; however, our suggestion is that the aesthetics of how your program is presented on your website lends credibility and trust to potential sponsors. Sponsors are used to searching and if your website is inviting they will spend the time looking. To that end, 9 or 12 children displayed on one page should be the max.

Sponsorship Information is a brief summary of your program that is displayed beneath the profile picture on the profile page of your website. This is the default information which is overridden if the sponsorship information is set for the cause in Manage Causes. This section also accepts short codes which will be parsed to display specific information based on the profile page. For example putting [child_name] in the sponsorship information will render the name of the child (or whatever it is you are sponsoring). Short codes are based on the Database Alias set in Edit Cause Form. For example, to put a date of birth in the text it would have a Database Alias of “dob”.  You would simply place it in your text with brackets around it. So the short code for birthday would be [dob]. Your sponsorship information might look something like this:

[child_name] was born on [dob] in a small village in Honduras. Your sponsorship of $[sp_amount] helps provide a meal every day, medical care, and school supplies.

In the example you see the short code [sp_amount]. This is part of an advance feature that is explained in the Cause Form section but for our purposes here it displays the default monthly amount for sponsorship.

Miscellaneous Setup is the next section on the General Setup page. It contains two links. One is for editing the template CSS. This is a simple editor where your web designer or someone familiar with CSS can edit some of the layout items on the website. The CSV Importer is used to import data into the software.

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