Getting Started

Welcome to HelpYouSponsor. If you are reading this page you have probably just signed up and are wondering what to do next. The following steps will be your roadmap to get you up and running as quickly as possible with your HelpYouSponsor sponsorship software. These steps don't necessarily need to be followed in order but you will need to complete each one.

1. Set up your Causes
Causes are the fundamental building block of the sponsorship software. Everything revolves around causes. Causes are the what (what are you sponsoring?) and the where (where is your program?) of your sponsorship program. Visit the Setting Up Causes page and watch the video to learn how to set up your Causes.

2. Set up the general information for your program
Under general setup are some default settings for your program: default number of children to display per page, default sponsorship amount, default sponsorship information, number of sponsors required to complete a sponsorship. These are the default settings which can also be overridden depending on the needs of your sponsorship program.

3. Set up the profile fields for your sponsors and your causes
All the form fields are customizable so you can collect whatever information is important to your program. You customize these forms under settings. Read more about it in the Cause Form section.

4. Customize the mail templates
This step is very important but one that is often over looked. There are a number of emails that are automatically generated by the software to keep you and your sponsors informed about your program. It is a key part of running a successful program through HelpYouSponsor. You edit the email addresses and templates under Settings->Mail Setup and can read more detailed information on the Mail Setup page.

5. Now you are ready to start entering your sponsorship information
Under Add you can enter your existing sponsor's information and your children or whatever it is you are sponsoring. Fill out the fields and click save. Once you save a profile you can add pictures or files to the profile. If you have a number of profiles you would like to have uploaded all at once you can download the template from Settings -> General Setup. Place your information in the template and email it to HelpYouSponsor and we will import it into your database. 

6. Create Sponsorships
Now that you have the profiles uploaded you are going to want to create the sponsorship relationships for your existing sponsors. The process is very simple. See the Creating Sponsorships page for detailed information.

7. Payment setup
You are almost ready to go live with your program but before you do that you will need to have a way for your sponsors to pay. You have 4 options - Payments by HelpYouSponsor, Click & Pledge, Paypal, or use your own method. Here is a quick run down of each method:

  • Payments by HelpYouSponsor - this is the most tightly integrated. Payments are processed by Stripe. Sponsor payments are automatically saved in the sponsor's account and sponsors have an option to make additional donations.
  • Click & Pledge - This allows you to connect your Click & Pledge account but does not automatically save donations into your sponsors accounts.
  • Paypal - After signing up sponsors are presented a Paypal button. When clicked it takes them to sign up for monthly payments through Paypal and paid to your Paypal account. Sponsor payments are not saved in their account.
  • Use your own method - If you have a your own payment processor set up you can provide a link to this in the sponsors account so after they have signe up they will see the link. You can also provide detailed information about how to set up or send payments in the welcome email that is generated when a sponsors signs up.
Set up payments under Settings->Payment Setup.

8. Place the sponsorship page on your website
This is a very simple process. Simply go to General Setup, scroll down to the bottom of the page to where you find the embed code. Copy and paste the code onto a page of your website. That's all there is to it. The only thing left is to start promoting your sponsorship program!

Last updated 2013-04-27 21:18:09