Under the Manage tab there are a number of different links to different sections. For each cause you will have a link to manage that area. If we have two causes, children and pastors, you would see links like this:

Clicking on Manage Children, or Manage Pastors, or Manage Sponsors will bring you to a table with the information stored in your database under each of those areas. For example, here is a sample of what Manage Children would look like:

The data in the table can be reordered by simply clicking on the column header. The first 6 columns in the table are the first 6 columns listed on the profile form (the form used to add children to the database). If you would like to change what appears in the table you simply need to move the columns you want to appear into one of the first six positions. To do this for our Children cause you would go to Settings -> Edit Children Form and then drag the fields into the desired position.

Last updated 2013-07-23 18:05:23