Manage Sponsor Emails

In this section will be the most recent emails from the sponsor. The status of the email will be set to Received automatically. To update the status to Delivered or Complete you simply click on the status. 

Clicking the Manage button reveals the email and the options you have for handling the email. In the send a reply box you can send the child’s reply or simply reply to the sponsor letting them know you received the letter and will be delivering it to the child. The reply will be logged in the database and visible here.

Notifications for emails are sent to the admin email set in Settings -> Mail Setup. Often times this person is not the person who will deliver the email to the child and the email needs to go to a field worker for translation and delivery. You now have the option of forwarding the email to someone else, like a field worker, by putting their email in the Forward this email box and clicking Forward.

Last updated 2013-04-17 01:03:04