Payments and Balances

Keeping track of sponsorship payments is a manual process. To enter a payment go to Manage -> Manage Sponsors.

On the Manage Sponsors page begin typing in the name of the sponsor in the search box at the top right. This is a live search so as you type results will begin to be filtered. When the sponsor you are searching for appears click the blue Contributions button in the Modify column for that sponsor.

There are three sections of the contributions page: Log New Record, Current Balance, and Payment History.

Log New Record - This is where you add new contributions. Choose the payment method from the drop down list (the payment methods are set in Settings -> Payment Setup). Then enter the amount of the contribution. Enter a date or leave it blank for today’s date. You can also add a note about this payment. This is useful if you are logging an extra payment a sponsor has sent for a birthday gift or something like that. Finally, you can choose to include or exclude the payment from the sponsor’s account balance. Again this is useful for extra payments that are not part of the regular sponsorship contribution.

Current Balance - The balance is similar to a bank account balance. When a contribution is entered it increases the balance in the sponsor's account. Once a month a debit process can be run that will decrease the sponsor's account balance by the amount of their sponsorship. To run the debit go to Accounting -> Process Balances. In practice, if a sponsor has a $0 balance and the debits are run on the first of the month, the sponsor will then have a negative balance. So if a sponsorship program is $30 a month, for example, then the sponsor will have a -$30 balance until their sponsorship contribution is received. When the contribution is input the balance will return to $0. Where this becomes really useful is with sponsors who want to pay quarterly or yearly. A sponsor who pays yearly would have a $360 balance and then each month when the debits are processed their balance would be reduced by $30. At the end of the year the balance would return to $0. 

This block also allows the balance to be edited and displays the sponsors current sponsorship commitment and if the sponsor is behind in payments, the number of months behind will also be displayed.

Payment History - This displays a complete history of the sponsors contributions. Each of the column heads can be clicked to re-order the records. The records are searchable, editable, and exportable.

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