Process Balances

To process balances go to Accounting -> Process Balances.

There are three sections on this page: Process Account Debits, Process Results, and Reset Balances.

Process Account Debits - This is how sponsor account balances are debited on a monthly basis. For each active sponsor their monthly commitment will be calculated for each sponsorship and then their account balance will be debited that amount. 

To run the process, first select the cause (if you only have one cause it will be automatically selected), select the date for which you want to run the process or leave it blank for today’s date (this can be done historically for dates in past months), and finally include a note if you want. The debit, along with the note, will appear in the sponsor’s Payment History. Once you press the process button the software will process the debits and display the results along the right side*. 

Debits are only processed for sponsors who have started their sponsorship previous to the date selected for the debit. For example, if you are running a debit process for June 1, 2012 any sponsor who began their sponsorship after that date will not be debited**. 

*This actions occurs immediately and cannot be stopped or undone. 
**Previous to Version 4 sponsorship start dates were not recorded. Any sponsorship without a start date will be debited. With Version 4 start dates are automatically recorded when the sponsor signs up. To manually set a sponsorship start date or to edit a start date go to Sponsorships -> (Cause) Sponsorships. Search for the sponsorship and then click the Detail button to view the sponsorship details. On the detail page click the edit button below the Started date. In the pop-up window add the new date and click Save changes.

Process Results - Here you will see the results of the account debits. If there are any errors they will appear here.

Reset Balances - This re-processes all account balances for the specified period. It calculates each sponsors debits and credits and then sets a new balance.

To use this feature enter the date from which you want to process balances and then click the Reset Balances button*. 

This feature is mainly intended to help existing clients who have been upgraded from a previous version to Version 4. If you are using the software to track sponsor payments this is a good way to set their account balance. Here are the suggested steps for setting correct account balances.

First, you will need to make sure you have start dates set for all sponsors that have signed up within the last year (the last year being a year from todays date). That way you are not processing debits for dates that the sponsor was not sponsoring.

If you have sponsors who pay multiple months at in advance you will more than likely need to Process Account Debits for the past year. We recommend processing debits for one year from today. So if today is October 1, 2012, you will need to add debits for each month from October 1, 2011. This is to take in to account any sponsors that may have paid one year in advance.
Now you are ready to set the balances. Enter the date for one year in the past from todays date. Again, if today is October 1, 2012 you will select October 1, 2011. Click the Reset Balances button.

If you find that you have made a mistake. Perhaps missed a month in the debit process or missed a sponsor payment you can go ahead and fix the problem and then re-run the  Reset Balances.

*This action occurs as soon as the button is pushed and cannot be undone.

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