The profile page is where you add or edit data for your cause or sponsors. While it is mostly self explanatory there are a few things to point out.

First of all, if you are editing a profile you will see at the top of the page the name of the sponsor or if it is a sponsor profile you will see the name of the child. The names are linked to their respective profiles. If the child you are editing does not have a sponsor it will also be indicated like you see in the example below.

Also in this example you see the blue required tag next to the fields that have been designated as required in the form setup. Even though the field is labeled as required the profile can be saved without the field being filled in. 

At the bottom of the profile there are a few additional options: Cause, Sponsored Status, Make Inactive. Here is an explanation of each option:

Cause: This is the cause/category/sub-category that the child is assigned to.
Sponsored Status: The choices are Available and Sponsored. The software automatically assigns a sponsored status based on criteria you have set but sometimes you may need to override what has been set, this is where you would do that.
Make Inactive: If a child has an available sponsored status they will appear on your website as available for sponsorship. If you don't want an unsponsored child to display on your website you can set their status as inactive.

Last updated 2013-07-23 18:19:45