Program Type

Program types were introduced with Version 5 of HelpYouSponsor. Your sponsorship program can based on number of sponsors required to complete sponsorship or a contribution threshold that needs to be met in order to complete sponsorship. The following video as well as the instructions on this page further describe the function and how to set up these program types.

When setting up your Cause you will have the option of choosing one of two types of programs:

Number - Your program can be based on completing sponsorships based on the number of sponsors required for full sponsorship.
For example: If you are running a child sponsorship program you may require 2 sponsors per child at $35 per sponsor. The child will remain available for sponsorship until he/she has the required number of sponsors. In this case the child would need 2 sponsors before being removed from the children available for sponsorship.

Contribution - Your program can be based on a contribution amount to complete sponsorship.
For example: If you are running a child sponsorship program you may require $100 for a child to be fully sponsored. You could have different sponsorship levels that a potential sponsor could choose from, i.e. $10, $20, and $50. The child would remain available for sponsorship until the contribution amount equals $100. So one child could have 10 sponsors at $10 and another child could have 2 sponsors at $50, or any other combination up to $100. Once the total contributions equal $100 the child will no longer be available for sponsorship.

Sponsorship Amount
What is entered in the Sponsorship Amount box differs depending on the type of program you have chosen.

Number - For this type of program you will enter a single amount in this box (or leave it empty). Do not enter any currency symbols. If you leave this box empty the software will use the default amount set in Settings->Payment Setup. If you are using the custom sponsorship amount feature by adding a sponsorship amount field to the profile it will override the amount entered here.

Contribution - For this type of program you will enter your various sponsorship amounts separated by a comma (no spaces). For example: 15,25,35. Those three amounts will be the options sponsors have for sponsorship. If you would like an amount to be the default shown in the dropdown list that sponsors choose from you would enter that amount first: 35,15,25.

Additional Setup Instructions for Contribution Programs
Since Contribution programs are based on a certain contribution amount in order to complete sponsorship we need a way to set what that amount is. To do that we use a special field that uses the sp_num alias. In Number programs this field is used to designate the number of sponsors needed for complete sponsorship but in Contribution programs this field is used to designate the contribution amount required to complete sponsorship. This field is setup in the Cause Form. Here is an example:

In this example our cause is Children. So under Settings there will be a link for Edit Children Form. If you have a different cause you will see a link for Edit YouCause Form.
Next, click the button for Drop Down List in the Add Fields are on the left hand side.
This will open a modal window where you will set up the field. You can name the field whatever you want. The important thing is to use sp_num for the database alias. This is what the software is going to look for. Then you can add the contribution amount. If you enter one amount that will be the default for all children in the program. If you add multiple amounts, separated by a comma, you will be able to select different amounts for each child. The rest of the boxes you can leave empty and you can leave the permissions as Admin Only unless you wanted to display this field in the child's profile to the public or to the sponsor(s).

And that is it. Your program will now be set for Contribution based sponsorship. 

Changing Sponsorship Levels
You can manually change the sponsorship level of your sponsors. To do this go to Sponsorships and to the section for your cause. For example: Sponsorship -> Children Sponsorship. Next find the sponsorship relationship you want to edit and click the detail button. On the detail page you will see the sponsorship amount in the top right. Clicking the edit button will open a modal window where you will be able to select a new sponsorship amount.

Sponsors can change their sponsorship plan within their account. Once they have logged in they will see a drop down list in the child table. By selecting a new amount and clicking the change button they can update their sponsorship.

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