Setting Up Causes

Sponsorship programs are complicated so HelpYouSponsor has created software to make it easy. However, it still can be confusing when you first start to set up your program. 
In HelpYouSponsor, Causes are the underlying logic of the sponsorship program. Causes are the big idea of your sponsorship program. Causes are the "What." Meaning what are you sponsoring? The categories and sub categories are the where. Where are you sponsoring? Understanding these concepts is fundamental in setting up your causes correctly. 

How to set up Causes video
This video walks you through the creation of Causes, Categories, and Sub-categories.

Additional Information
When setting up a new cause there are several options. First you choose a name. It is best if your name is the plural of what you are sponsoring, i.e. children (not child) or pastors (not pastor). Next, will sponsors be able to send emails to whom they are sponsoring through the software? Checking the box enables this, leaving it unchecked disables it from the sponsor account. 

Then you can add some information about your sponsorship program. This information is displayed below the pictures on the profile pages on the front end of the website. The default sponsorship information is set in General Setup under Settings. If you leave this box blank the default sponsorship information will display. You may use short codes in this text. Short codes are formatted like [child_name] and most of the profile fields can be used as a short code. The short code is the DB alias found in the form setup under Settings.

Once you have finished, click the Add Cause button and move on to adding categories. 
Categories are useful as a way of defining areas for your sponsorship program. For example, if you run a child sponsorship program in multiple locations you may want to create a category called Locations. Each category must have a parent cause selected.

Next you can create sub-categories. This is useful to further define the areas of your program. So if you created a Locations category then your sub-categories may be the names of the locations like Feeding Center #1 and Feeding Center #2. Sub-categories must also have a parent category.

At the bottom of your Causes page you will see the tree of your causes and are able to edit all the information about your causes.

Last updated 2013-04-26 17:45:19