Sponsorship Details

The details page brings a whole set of powerful tools for managing the sponsorship relationship that are brand new in Version 4. 
First of all, you have a quick overview of the sponsors profile with all of their contact information. The Sponsor Profile heading is a link directly to the sponsor’s profile.

Below that there is a Notes section. These are private notes that are attached to the relationship and not to the sponsor or child. This is a good way for your sponsorship admins to keep track information specific to the relationship. 

To the top right you have the child name (which again is a link to the child’s profile), the date when the sponsorship was started (clicking the edit button allows you to change this date) and then the status of the sponsorship. Again, this can be changed by clicking on it. Possible options are: Active, Contact Sponsor, Update Info, and Inactive.
Below that is the Manage Email section. If you allow your sponsors to send emails, this is where you will come to manage those emails.

Last updated 2013-04-17 01:02:07