Sponsorship Table

This is an overview of what you see in the table.

Column 1 - Sponsor Name which is also a link to the sponsor’s account.
Column 2 - Who the sponsor is sponsoring which is also a link to the account.
Column 3 - The date when the sponsorship started. 
Column 4 - The status of any emails sent from the sponsor to the sponsor child. Clicking on the status will change the status. Possible options are: Recieved, Delivered, and Complete.
Column 5 - The status of the sponsorship relationship. This is a way to flag a sponsorship for various reasons. Clicking on the status changes the status. Possible options are: Active, Contact Sponsor, Update Info, and Inactive.
Column 6 - Details and Delete buttons. Details brings you to a detail page for more information and options for managing the relationship. Delete will remove the sponsorship relationship but does not delete the sponsor or child account.

Each of the column can be sorted by clicking on the column head. Hovering over a column head with your mouse will pop up a tool tip on some of the columns to give some user information. As with all the tables in the software, the search box is a live search so the results will begin to show up as you type, the info in the table is exportable in a number of formats by clicking one of the buttons at the top left, and you can change the number of records displayed on a page.

Last updated 2013-04-17 01:01:07